The Kind Pen

The Kind Pen Tri-Level Herb Grinder

Are you ready to get on your grind? This Tri-Level Herb Grinder from Kind Pen will help you transform your favorite flower into the perfect pieces for your vape or pipe. Made of aluminum, this herb grinder is lightweight yet heavy duty: sharp metal diamond cut teeth inside won’t wear down, even after years of grinding, so you’ll get a consistent grind each and every time you use this grinder. This four piece grinder features a lid, metal teeth, a screen and a pollen chamber with a pollen scraper. Pollen chambers help catch the magic kief that arises from grinding herb--save it for special occasions to either fill your entire bowl, or sprinkle over the top of your bowl for a delicious treat. The magnetic lid ensures the top won’t accidentally fall off and spill your precious herb. Available in either silver or gunmetal black, this grinder also comes complete with a lifetime warranty from Kind Pen.

  • Tri-Level Herb Grinder
  • 4 Pieces
  • Made of Aluminum
  • Logo on Top Face
  • Diamond Shaped Teeth
  • Built-In Mesh Screen
  • Pollen Chamber
  • Includes Pollen Scraper
  • Magnetic Top