Boo Glass

16” Tall Bong - Gold Swirled w/ Ice Catcher

When You Want a Tall Bong - Check Out This Latest Addition 16" Color Swirled Bong

Looking for a tall bong that makes a serious statement?  Then this 16" beast is one to check out.  With the golden swirled accents at the top and bottom, it's a beautiful piece whether it's being used or simply on display.

Watch the fumed accents change color with use and the 3 pinch ice catcher giving you enough space for several ice cubes to cool smoke down before being inhaled. At 9mm thick walls and a 4 wide base keep this tube from falling and breaking during more minor experiments.

  • 2" Diameter mouth
  • 4" Diameter base
  • 9mm thick glass
  • 14mm male Bowl
  • Incl. downstem
  • Incl. ice catcher
  • Made in the USA
  • Compatible for 14mm male banger

 Note: photos are examples only. Due the hand crafted nature of these pieces, item color hues and designs could vary slightly.