Boo Glass

8" Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe

8 Inch Honeycomb Perc Bong - Solid Filtration with Every Hit!

Similar to our Inline pipes, like this one, our elegant 8" honeycomb water pipe is another take off of a classic pipe.  However, here, the honeycomb perc is stretched across the entirety of the chamber meaning that it is both more stable and allows for more filtration than your standard honeycomb. 

The use of honeycomb percs is not the most common perc due to their complexity, but inside of such a small pipe, they allow for the most filtration possible meaning you can keep on smoking without any fear of the smoke getting too hot. 

With the bent neck and colored accents, this is a piece that will long be treasured!

Bong Details:

  • Height - 8 inches
  • Thick 5mm glass
  • Colored accents on mouthpiece and base
  • Include bowl