All Glass Female Conical Flavor Disc and Wand -Custom

This wand requires a Silver Surfer Hands Free Attachment. If you do not have a SSV hands free attachment than make sure to add it on to your order!

This wand is our newest upgrade! It is truly amazing in that the bowl is more than 30% larger than even a spherical wand. It works with 3 of our vaporizers to include the Silver Surfer, Super Surfer and Elev8R Vaporizers. It can also be hooked up to any one of our dab straw attachments to make this a really nice dab straw. We also love this as this is the first wand to feature an all glass screen. Never need to change you screen again, but you must maintain it to keep good air flow. This is easy to do in some alcohol. Please note if you have a Super Surfer vaporizer you will need to add a Silver Surfer Hands Free Attachment to your order so this flavor disc wand works with it. Also, do not forget to add some extra flavor discs to your order.


  • Fits the Super Surfer Vaporizer and Silver Surfer Vaporizer with spherical heater cover, Elev8R Vaporizer and will accept male dab straw and nectar collector tips.
  • All glass wand with a glass screen means never change you screen again.
  • Finely crafted by Elev8 Premier Glass in Colorado Springs
  • Comes with 1 large Flavor Disc