Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer

The new XQ2 desktop vaporizer offers three ways to enjoy your vapor. A culmination of over 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality products, the XQ2 delivers the perfect vapor thanks to its array of features including 3-speed fan control, advanced ceramic convection technology, and an isolated airpath for optimized performance. 

Share the XQ2 with buds using the convenient three-foot, 360° swivel action whip attachment for an on-demand direct draw, or use the 3-speed fan for assisted draw. The glass bowl and attachment ends allow for easy cleaning and maintenance, and the heat-resistant silicone bowl grip and tubing provides safety with a smooth vapor delivery.

• Multi-Use High-Quality Desktop Vaporizer
• Whip System, Ballon System &
  Aromatherapy Functions
• Advanced Ceramic Convection Technology
• Re-Engineered, Optimized, Isolated Airflow
• High-Quality Borosilicate Glass Parts
• Custom Session Settings
• Multi-Color Base & Heater LEDs
• Programmable Remote Control
• 3-Speed Fan • Replaceable Air Intake Filter
• Over 20 Parts & Accessories Available