Boo Glass

Boo Glass 11" Glass Bubble Bong w/Rubber Grommet

An instant classic. This solid scientific glass piece is irresistible in its simple yet powerful delivery. The minimalist design stacks up to an ideally sized 11-inches with the eye-catching contour of a bubble beaker silhouette. Clean, sophisticated lines make this water pipe a smoking essential for enthusiasts both new and old. Subtle features such as a comfortable flared mouthpiece, a deep pinch-handle bowl, protective rubber grommets, and thick striking glass further enhance the straight tube pipe for your pleasure. To take it to the technical level, the funnel-shaped bowl sits on a fixed 3-inch glass downstem while the pinch-handle keeps you from singeing your fingertips. The overall design maxes out at 6-millimeter thickness with a stable freestanding base. The bubble beaker shape increases surface area across the water for maximum smoke filtration in an easy-to-handle size. The simplicity of the design also makes for easy maintenance, without any additional pieces or concealed crevices to get in the way of your cleaning routine. This piece will get the job done with elegance and ease.

Height: 11 inches

• 11" Tall Clear Glass Bong
• Bubble Style Base
• Funnel Style Deep Bowl With Pinch Handle
• Grommet Style Joint With 3" Long Slide
• Grommet-Style Glass Standard Downstem
• Rounded Lip 6mm Thick Glass Mouthpiece
• Straight Tube Style Neck
• Beaker
• Clear Glass
• Deep Bowl
• Flared Mouthpiece
• Fixed Downstem
• Scientific Glass
• Thick Glass