Boo Glass

Boo Glass Fumed Mushroom Milli Spoon Pipe

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This is really more of a work of art rather than a spoon pipe. Created with fumed glass, this pipe is a real treasure to hold up to the light. Fumed glass changes colors under light, so you can watch this hand pipe go from yellow to green to pink as you change the angles. At the bowl’s end is a mushroom milli: this beautiful glass creation is from a unique glassblowing technique that results in a flower bursting into bloom. When you look at the mushroom milli from different angles, it will actually look like a real 3-dimensional flower. Choose your favorite colored mouthpiece, available in blue, orange, yellow and green. While this pipe is breathtakingly gorgeous, it’s also incredibly functional: it’s made of thick, premium glass that’s designed to last you years of smoking. Impress your friends with this unique spoon pipe that also gives great smoke.