Boo Glass

Boo Glass Mini Recycler Beaker Base Dab Rig

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Are you ready for the perfect little dab rig? Affordable and small, yet strong, this mini dab rig is ready to go. As a dab rig, this water pipe requires very little water as the resulting dab is incredibly powerful. With a fixed downstem, you’ll get plenty of percolation to make your dabs delicious and smooth. The beaker base on this dab rig also helps to give you premium water filtration, in addition to its recycler: as a recycler bong, this helps to further filter your vapor and make it nice and delicious. The 14mm 90 degree male pipe will work with any matching female accessories. This water pipe comes right out of the box with a glass dome and nail. At only 5 inches tall and the cost of a normal bag of flowers, this is the perfect pipe to keep at home or take to your next social event.