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Boo Glass Natural Rose Quartz Stone Pipe

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Rich rose quartz captivates in this excellent silhouette. The Natural Rose Quartz Stone Pipe rests like a gem in the palm of your hand. It lights up like magic when sprinkled with fresh dry herb. Rose quartz is commonly known to attract love and heal heartbreak. Whether you’re opening your heart chakra or looking for an eye-catching companion, this pipe is sure to do the trick. An elegant silhouette is amplified by a striking crystal cut. The clean-lined design glows in candle light – bubble baths, date night, and self care Sunday just got a whole lot more exciting. Magnificently crafted, the pipe rests like fine art that blends in every home décor style. No need to cramp your style with eye-sore pipes any more. Take the time to value you with the easy, unconditionally loving vibes this hand pipe has to offer. Browse our full selection of quartz crystal pipes right here on DopeBoo online.