Boo Glass

Boo Glass Standing Elephant Head Bubbler

As both an herbal enthusiast and elephant fan, you may have lived a life of sorrow, wondering if you could ever really combine your two passions in life. Cry no more, pachyderm lover, as this elephant bubbler will bring tears of joy to your red eyes. With this bubbler, you can enjoy your two favorite things in life: the elephant bubbler feature a deep bowl for you to pack in your favorite dry herb for long smoke sessions, and a nice mouthpiece at the elephant’s head. Even better, there’s a carb right next to the bowl along with marbles along the base to help you get a better grip on the bubbler. This elephant is durable and strong, just like the mammal itself, as it’s made of quality glass that is built to last. This bubbler is truly a piece of art that commemorates both herb and pachyderms in a beautiful fashion.