Boo Glass

Boo Glass Tron Trail Chillum

Obviously there are some complimentary activities when smoking your favorite flower, one of them being video games. Extra points if they’re games from the 80’s, like Tron. With this Tron-themed chillum, you can combine your two loves of herb and 80’s gaming. The video-game inspired blue stripes on this chillum will take you back to the good old days, and you’ll love the unique fumed glass on this hand pipe that actually changes colors as you move the glass pipe around in the light. The chillum also had a flat mouthpiece, so you can rest this pipe on a flat surface without worrying about it rolling off, spilling herb and breaking. This little chillum is perfect to take with you on the go or to keep at home for daily smoke seshes. Made of our special Boo Glass, this is also an affordable chillum that wows your friends without breaking the bank.