Boo Glass

Boo Glass White Turquoise Stone Pipe

Deluxe White Turquoise wears like fine jewelry as you pull it from pocket or purse. This crystal-like pipe rips with the stability of stone in a captivating marble pipe pattern. Veins of gray run throughout the solid 4.5 inch silhouette. The dynamic 1 inch thick cut has a smooth in-hand feel that’s a luxury in itself. Sprinkle your favorite dry herbs in the removable mesh screen (that’s easy to take out for a quick rinse). Clouds travel through the drilled hole to a sleek mouthpiece. The calming colors are perfect for a modern living space and self-care Sunday accessory. Dry herbs flourish in the natural stone that will keep you grounded. The visually pleasing pipe makes an excellent present from Valentine’s Day to birthday. Unlike other pipes, the White Turquoise Stone Pipe will never end up an eyesore. Browse our wide variety of crystal cut stone pipes to suit your personal style right here on DopeBoo.