Check out our Glass Aroma Tops. These things are super heavy and thick, and they fit perfectly on the Da Buddha Vaporizer. These fit with any type of glass connection. We recommend using wax melts that are infused with essential oils or fragrance. If you want to use pure essential oils we highly recommend to put in a non fragrant wax and then add your oils to the wax.



Never ever put cold wax melts or oils into a hot or warm dish. If you want to add oils to a hot dish, DO NOT. Turn the unit off, or remove the aroma top and let it cool. This aroma top is made from soft glass and when used properly will last a long time. If used wrong and cool oils are put into a hot dish you will have a very non pleasurable experience. The aroma top is made from soft glass and can not be heated up too fast or cooled down too fast. The DBV will heat the dish up nice and slow allowing the dish to work properly and not break. It is safe to have a dish with melted wax in it and then add only 2-5 drops of essential oil to the warm aroma top. This works because the cool oil falls into the hot wax and does not cool the glass dramatically.