Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass 16 inch Double Matrix Water Pipe

Diamond Glass 16 inch "The Beast" - Everything You Could Want and Ready to Use Today!

If you are looking quality and unique-looking glasswork, look no further than Diamond Glass bongs and rigs. This piece definitely fits their unique collection. This beautiful piece comes straight out of California, USA at a hefty 17 inches in height!

If you aren't ready for what this one can deliver, keep on looking!  But if you are.......then this is the biggest and baddest glass, and the Double Matrix Water Pipe is the just what you need. This is sure to tower above the rest of your collection at a full 16” of straight tubing.

It has 2 matrix percs hang inside which deliver unbeatable diffusion with the dozens of tiny slits. Smoke is filtered through thousands of bubbles for a cleaner, more flavorful experience.

For those who look for nice cool smokes, drop a couple ice cubes in the ice-catcher to take your session to the next level. This is a great party piece for smokers of all levels. Everyone will want a rip!  Let us know just how popular you become when you pull this piece out....

Diamond Glass 16 inch Double Matrix Water Pipe:

    • Height: 16”

    • Double Matrix perc system

    • 14mm Joint - Female
    • Includes 14mm Matching Herb bowl

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