Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass Bongs - 9 Inch Bent Neck w/ Tree Perc

Diamond Glass 9 Inch Bong w/ Tree Perc - Everything You Need in a Convenient Size!

At 9 inches tall, this Diamond Glass pipe is simply beautiful, affordable and effective! The company's pieces are highly sought after for their function, design, and quality. Smoke enters the pipe and is immediately as it moves through a tree arm percolator. The larger tube transitions to a smaller bent neck mouthpiece, which acts as a natural splash guard an helps to keep the water from splashing up to your mouth.

The colored accents give the piece it's stylish look that we love!

At a convenient and portable 9 inch size, this glass water pipe is easily stored and also travel ready. We love how it can be used for a solo sesh or a smoke circle with friends. .

Show this American Made piece off with pride and let your friends know you support American businesses!!

Diamond Glass Pipe Features:

  • Height: Approx. 9 inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm female joint
  • Bowl Size: 14mm male
  • Filtration: Tree Arm Perc
  • Splash guard