Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass Short Neck UFO Beaker Bong

The little bong from outer space. The Diamond Glass Short Neck UFO Beaker Bong flies with everything you need to smoke your favorite flower and this thing has it all. Equipped with a mini UFO perc that diffuses your smoke after passing through a bubbling beaker water chamber this bong manages to pack all the benefits of a larger bong into a freakishly small package. It even has a mini ice catcher! This cool glass bong brings UFO to a whole new level!

  • Height 8”
  • Downstem 4”
  • Scientific 5mm Thick Glass
  • UFO Perc
  • Ice Catcher
  • 14mm Glass Bowl

Check out this Diamond Glass pipe today before it takes off into outer space without YOU!

NOTE: Accent color border on Diamond & bong lip may vary in color.