Boo Glass

Boo Glass Diamond Knot Domeless Nail

Looking for that nail that’ll have your dab rig shining like a diamond? Look no further. The Domeless Diamond Knot Quartz Nail is here to elevate your concentrate routine to the next level. Flawless quartz construction makes for pure, clean delivery that preserves the natural flavors of your favorite legal waxy extracts. The polished quartz piece is fully prepared to gracefully take on torch-hot heat. Thick and durable, the unique Diamond Knot design is fitted with multiple “knots” (a.k.a. “fins”) that boost quartz’s already-excellent flavor and heat retention so that not a drop goes to waste. This domeless nail is available in both male and female joints measuring a variety of diameters for the perfect fit atop your rig. The major perk of a domeless silhouette is the full range of movement it allows with the dabber. Come in with concentrates at any comfortable angle without burning your paws on the sides!