Boo Glass

Boo Glass Incycler Bong w/Honeycomb Perc

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This 10.5 inch powerhouse has our full attention. The next-level incycler design efficiently turns popular recycler engineering inward in a compact – and incredible looking – water pipe. The Boo Glass Incycler features a 14mm female joint paired with a thick funnel slide. Sturdy scientific glass construction gives the pipe a durable edge in an eye-catching silhouette. Goodness swirls through the 90-degree Dewar’s joint into the bubbling hydrodynamics of a honeycomb perc. This crowd-pleasing percolator delivers ultra-thorough diffusion through honeycomb style vents that smooth and each inhale. Sleek contours are accentuated by a sophisticated bent neck that makes for comfortable puffs from a natural angle. An extra-thick base stabilizes this five-star incycler. This popular pipe gets all the glory for its clean rips and awesome aesthetic. Impressively thick glass rarely finds itself in such a perfect design at this price point – grab your new daily driver while supplies last! Swap out the dry herb funnel for your favorite mail banger to amp it up with concentrate pleasure.