Boo Glass

Boo Glass Large Pipe Case

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Tell us, is there anything more aggravating than looking in the bottom of your backpack or purse, and noticing that your favorite glass handpipe was unfortunately crushed to pieces underneath all the other stuff in your bag? Or how about one tragic moment when you thought your pipe was perfectly balanced on your lap, only to slip off onto the floor and smash to smithereens? Say goodbye to an old fear by getting yourself a pipe carrying case. They’re the perfect option to transport your pipe if you don’t feel like bubble wrapping and strapping your pipe in a seat belt every time you want to take it somewhere. It’s also a great place to rest it in between smoke breaks. Zip your pipe into this large pipe carrying case, perfect for larger bubblers and even mini dab rigs. Available in either blue, red, black or gray, the hard shell on this will protect your pipe from any damage.