Boo Glass

Boo Glass Thermal Banger Nail

If you’re all about the latest and greatest in tech and the dabbing world, you’ve come to the right nail. This thermal banger nail might look like a typical bucket, but if you put your reading glasses on, you can see a glass inset. This inset performs one important job for you while dabbing: it keeps your concentrates in the bucket’s interior and makes sure they don’t get stuck in the nail’s neck, wasting your precious dab. This is a great way to maximize your wax supply while getting clean and consistent hits. Once your try thermal bangers, it’ll be difficult to go back to any other sort of nail. Plus, since this nail is made with our very own special Boo Glass, it’s part of our most affordable banger nail that we carry on the site. Pair this thermal banger with any 14mm or 18mm, male or female, 45 degree or 90 degree pipe--the world is your oyster.