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Famous Brandz Snoop Spaceship Water Pipe

Famous Brandz

Height: 6 inches

• High-quality 5mm thick borosilicate glass
• Perfect for use with waxy concentrates
• Bent neck
• Narrow mouthpiece
• Fixed showerhead diffuser downstem with 14.5mm male joint
• Female 14.5mm vapor dome with roll stopper arm
• Glass concentrate nail
• Female 14.5mm quartz banger
• Thick circular foot
• Green glass accents throughout
• Green decal on body
• Comes in a decorative box

Ready to get out of this world? Snoop’s latest POUND design, “The Spaceship,” is sure to get the job done. At just 6 inches tall, this is one petite powerhouse that’s as badass to look at as it is to take a puff from! The hand-blown concentrate pipe is crafted from premium 5mm thick borosilicate glass for next-level durability. Your favorite waxy concentrates will reach peak performance in the 14.5mm vapor dome and quartz banger paired with an impressive inline ruffle perc. Comfortably inhale through the ergonomically arched neck for an all-around awesome experience. As with the rest of the remarkable POUND collection, the piece is mounted on an extra-thick base in Snoop’s signature style. “The Spaceship” comes in high-design packaging and boasts the POUND logo on its side for authenticity. It’s time to see what extract connoisseurs have been drooling over since this pipe dropped -- prepare for takeoff! PLEASE NOTE: Decal colors are chosen at random.