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Famous Brandz Trailer Park Boys Ricky Water Pipe

Famous Brandz


• Borosilicate Glass
• Custom Trailer Park Boys Design
• Ground Glass Connections
• Black Accents
• Designed for Flower Use
• Trailer Park Boys "Ricky" Water Pipe
• 18mm Ground Glass Female Slide
• 14mm Ground Glass Bowl

Sunnyvale Trailer Park just a got a whole lot more exciting. Far from trailer park quality, this high performance piece is crafted from thick borosilicate glass with eye-catching ground glass accents. The “Ricky” water pipe boasts an ergonomic contour at the neck for a sturdy in-hand feel, a pinched ice catcher, and a comfortably flared mouthpiece. Simply load your favorite ground material into the 14mm ground glass bowl, and experience the transformation as it descends through 18mm ground glass female slide, and bubbles its way – not the kitty-loving Bubbles, the detoxifying kind – into aah-worthy inhales. The pipe is decaled with the signature Trailer Park Boys logo and Ricky’s oh-so-charming face, which begs for you to take a puff every time Ricky takes one, Randy eats a cheeseburger, or Lahey takes a tumble. Whether for playing games with friends or personal pleasure as you re-watch the original episodes, this pipe is certain to take any pipe collection to the next level.