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The Adelina - Fumed Mini Rig Recycler

Pixie Collection - The Adelina Fumed Mini Rig Recycler - New Additions

We LOVE our Pixie Collection!  These mini bongs & rigs are gorgeous and the Adelina showcased here is one of the most popular small rigs we carry.

One of several gold fumed products on our site, this rig recycler is petite and perfect!

With the fumed look that is so popular, you can enjoy seeing the changes in colors in your bong as you use it. And with the tiny size, this fumed mini is easily portable wherever and whenever you are on the move.  Check it out today!


  • Height 5.6 inches
  • Incl. showerhead perc
  • Incl. quartz banger
  • Silver/Gold fumed
  • 14.4mm joint

Explore the latest addition to our Pixie Collection NOW!