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4" 14mm Chiller Multi Kit

Grav Labs

Get your glycerin on the go! Crafted with Grav Labs’ world-renowned quality, this kit includes four scientific glass pieces for premium portability with powerhouse smoke delivery. The first of the four pieces is a freezer friendly glycerin mouthpiece that gives the kit it’s on-point “Chiller” name. It’ll exhilarate your experience with the smoke-soothing impact of icy cool temperatures. The kit also features an impressive push-bowl bubbler where you can load dry herb, with smoke descending through the luxurious X-cut diffuser for rich, easy inhales. Or you can opt between the 90-degree one hitter and the excellent vapor nozzle to maximize concentrates. For the person who prefers total control or customization to suit ever-changing moods--this is the multi kit for you! These versatile components all work seamlessly with Grav Labs’ other 14mm joints. Just keep an eye out for friends walking off with one of your impeccable attachments; like a super solid lighter, everybody wants to hold on to them for their own good time.