GRAV 14mm Glycerin Chiller Attachment

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Height: 5"

Hallelujah, let’s get chillin’! So you’ve got yourself a solid water pipe, but you just know you can get it on that next level? This is how. Smokers old and new will instantly appreciate the exhilarating effect of this glycerin adapter with a covetable interior coil. Simply stick it in the freezer and prepare to have you and your crew excited over the icy-smooth inhales! The piece is crafted in GRAV’s iconic top-notch quality for long lasting durability and flawless joint seams. It’ll soothe your soul paired with any pipe you please, because its easy-breezy inhales are cooled by chilled glycerin. The best part is you can move it from pipe to pipe, depending on your mood! It stacks up to a full five inches of chilling power that requires no more effort than popping it in the freezer. Glass just doesn’t get better than that. Yet again GRAV knows just what us true enthusiast have been searching for!