Ooze Flood Mini Recycler Dab Rig

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Ooze knows how great recycler Mini Rigs are at enhancing the natural flavors in the terpenes in concentrates, so this series was developed. The moment vaporized concentrates touch the air inside of a dab rig, they start to lose their flavors.

The Flood mini rig was designed to minimize the amount of air inside the rig, while providing tons of filtration through the recycler system. Fill the Flood to the correct water level, and the three levels will instantly flood with delicious dab smoke without splashing up through the mouthpiece. The small glass loop that extends out the back is part of the recycler, and doubles as a comfy little handle to hold it up to your lips. There is a lot of motion in the ocean of this mini rig!

  • FLOOD | The Ooze Flood Mini Rig is a borosilicate mini dab rig that is designed to enhance flavor. Ideal for hot-start dabs, the Flood filters the hot vapor for smooth hits.
  • RECYCLER | This is a recycler style mini rig. This means that it has an intricate system inside that continuously churns the water through the piece during an inhale, providing tons of filtration and making each hit less harsh.
  • HAND MADE | This is a handmade borosilicate piece. This means that the colors of this piece may differ slightly from the photos. Each piece comes with a banger, dab tool, and Geode stash jar.