Premier Custom Spherical Flavor Disc Wand

These hand blown wands by Elev8 Premier are crafted with the new spherical and conical joint exclusive to 7th Floor. These wands come in 1 color of frit inside and some clear dots on the outside. This is one of the best upgrades in our opinion if you are upgrading you wand. The bowl is near 1.5x larger than the standard spherical wand and nearly 2x larger than the conical wand used for the conical SSV heater and DBV. With the larger bowl you will get larger hits and the bowl will last longer as there is more material that the wand can hold. With this spherical/conical design it will hold the larger flavor disc perfectly so that the hot air is forced through the disc. This allows the most efficient and a lower temperature vape experiences over the stand flavor disc that does not fit tight inside a wand.


  • New Spherical Conical Joint
    • Holds more herb
    • Uses the 17mm Screen in the yellow pack
    • Uses The Largest 17mm flavor disc
  • Pick Your Color of Either Black, Red, Green, White, Yellow, Cobalt Blue or Hyacinth
  • Made by Elev8 Premier for 7th Floor Vapes
  • Works On The Silver Surfer and Super Surfer Vaporizers
  • Only works with the Super Surfer Hands Free Attachment.  If you have an SSV HFA please call us to get you a discounted Super HFA for this wand


Glass Style: Repeatable
Device: Silver Surfer
Device: Super Surfer