The Kind Pen

The Kind Pen CCELL 510 Tank

Your precious oils deserve special treatment--not a plastic cartridge. Upgrade your vaping game with this deluxe .05 mL CCELL 150 Tank from the Kind Pen. This all glass and ceramic tank is truly vaping at its finest: all glass construction and porous ceramic take the center stage, replacing the traditional wick and coil cartridge. This ceramic system gives a fresh feel to your vapor and is the single handedly most consistent atomizer on the market today, with the lowest leak and failure rates! With 2 mm holes in this cartridge for airflow, this is a great option for thicker oils as well. Best of all, there’s never any plastics or glues on this cartridge or mouthpiece, meaning you don’t need to worry about any unwanted materials leaching into your vapor. With a capacity of 0.5 mL, this cartridge will fit onto any 510 threaded battery and you’re ready to go.