Boo Glass

Thick Glass Beaker Bong - 14 inches

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Check Out Our Thick Glass Beaker Bong 9mm, Newly Added ~

Congrats! You’ve stumbled on a hard hitter. This exquisite water pipe is crafted with extra thick 9mm scientific glass. Sturdy borosilicate construction instantly upgrades the beaker bong to life-long favorite. It’s simply high quality, solid and built to last!

Boo Glass is proud to present a 14-inch tall design that is paired with a 4-inch long, 18mm-to-14mm downstem. 

Add some of your favorite dry herb into the thick glass bowl, and give it a go from the comfortably flared mouthpiece. Take a load off your mind with a go-to that will have your back from self care to Saturday night. Kick things up a notch or totally chill out, the options are endless on a blank canvas like the Thick Glass 14" Beaker Bong.


  • Height 14 inches
  • Incl bowl
  • Incl downstem
  • 9mm thick glass
  • Style - beaker bong

See what a 9mm thick glass bong can do for you today!