Hand Pipes

Hand Pipes

We love our glass pipes! Nothing is handier - or more trustworthy - across an array of cool shapes, sizes, and materials. Our collection of hand pipes includes spoons, sherlocks, steamrollers, chillums, and a lot of wacky stuff that defies classification. Here's the 411 on our different hand pipes: 


Spoon Pipes Are Classic Daily Drivers

Spoon pipes are the tried-and-true pipe everyone needs in their lineup. Why? Because they're super simple to use, affordable in price, easy to clean with a soak, and portable enough to carry most places!

Our #1 Scientific Spoon Pipe is GRAV Labs's Helix Classic Spoon Pipe. This one's a conversation starter. As you give it a rip, you can actually see the goodness swirl through the pipe in a tornado spiral! Courtesy of the Helix Collection's signature Venturi Chamber shape.

On the artsier end of the spectrum is Empire Glassworks and The China Glass. These pipe designers are bringing dynamic patterns, rich textures, and bold colors to the pipe game.

Sherlock Pipes are Spoons With a Dramatic Flourish 

Mystery solved: Sherlock pipes are the best way to add a cool vibe to a classic design. Sherlocks are like a spoon pipe, but with a longer neckline. This gives your inhales a splash of extra time to cool before reaching your lips. It also looks dope with the air of a vintage pipe.

Our bestselling Sherlock Pipe is Empire Glassworks's Upright Beehive Sherlock. The honeycomb texture, playful bee characters, and circular stand to keep it on display make it worthy of its high rank. GRAV Labs crafts the most popular scientific sherlock pipes. These are made with durable borosilicate glass and clean-lined designs.

Steamroller Pipes Provide Serious Rips

For when you want to get things rollin' quickly. Steamrollers are much like a spoon pipe, but with a straight tube pipe shape. Like a spoon, steamrollers come in a wide variety of lengths -- our smallest is a 4-inch steamroller the largest is an epic 18-inch steamroller!

GRAV Labs UPLINE Steamroller takes the cake as our top seller. That's because the UPLINE's signature "ladder percs" function as a built-in ash catcher. No more loose debris? Yes, please!

UPC's Concentrate Steamroller also deserves a mention! This incredible blend of dab rig and steamroller replaces the dry herb spoon with a concentrate nail. They handcraft each thick borosilicate glass pipe in Los Angeles, California.

While these first two steamrollers are pretty fly, The Jane West Steamroller stands apart in style. Each is crafted with genuine cobalt ore for that unbeatable rich blue hue! And -- like the Mom she is -- Jane West planned ahead with sturdy feet to prevent spills from the cool upright funnel.

Chillum Pipes (also known as One-Hitters) are the Ultimate Portables

We understand that the basic carry-everywhere piece is just as useful as many of our more complex devices. Tap the tip into your grinder and give it a rip!
Not surprisingly, GRAV Labs takes the #1 slot once again with their simple 3.5" Chillum. Pop it into any pocket, bag, or end table drawer -- it's ready when you are! Their UPLINE Chillum is an equally excellent option with the premium feature of built-in ash catching that comes in handy on a petite pipe.

Once again, Empire Glassworks makes an artistic masterpiece of a simple silhouette. Their entire Honey-Lovin' collection has been flying off the shelves. And that includes the California artists' Honeycomb Chillum.

Have a blast pipe shopping!

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