Chubz Glass

Chubz Glass

One can't help but wonder if it was adoration for the band Gwar or just an affection for all things rock and roll alien that inspired the incredibly talented Chris Barker. Beginning with the launch of Chubz Glass in 2001, Chris garnered attention as a finely skilled craftsman with an eye for detail. It didn't take long before Chris was one of the most sought-after designers in the business. His designs and unique perspective on glassworks have gained him the respect and recognition of his glassblowing peers around the world. Chubz Glass is considered by some to be a heady shop centered on psychedelic, trip art. But for those who appreciate the time and effort, it takes to produce such one-of-a-kind pieces; you know that Chubz Glass is off the spectrum when it comes to seriously cool glassworks.

 Adorned with some the teeny, tiniest of intricate details, these are some of the most wonderously, multi-layered wig wag and frosty workings we've ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on! Alongside the ridiculously luscious multi-faceted colored glass that's so incredible, you'll get lost in your headspace trying to fathom a color so deep. Chubz Glass are no amateurs when it comes to nifty designs, including some pretty rad wig wag and frosty workings. Chubz Glass takes pride in creating one of a kind beasts alive with personality and ready to become a part of your collection.

Most Adored Spoon Pipe by Chubz Glass

Have a friend that lives far away? Send them this. The Chubz Glass Poppy Sherlock is the perfect way to tell that long-distance friend you love them. No need to send smoke signals - unless you want to that is. This cute little handpipe is unique in that everyone is different from the next. Never will the same two pipes be created. Much like your friendships and that strain you had in Amsterdam, there will always only be that one that still stands apart from the rest. That's where Chubz Glass comes in. A cleverly designed spoon pipe doubles as a piece of artwork that is perfect for relaxing the tension from the day. Step into your happy zone with a little Poppy love from Chubz Glass.

The simply smashing Poppy Sherlock is available in a variety of lovely colors such as blue, green, jade, lilac, tortoise-shell. Not only are these stunners handcrafted, but the pipes colors are mixed and then pulled by hand to make sure each one is as individual as you are. A beautiful and straightforward poppy flower design is This pipe isn’t just pretty, it’s magnificently well-made. Handblown from the highest grade borosilicate glass on the planet, this pipe is made to be durable and non-toxic.

Best Gift from Chubz Glass

If you thought all Sherlocks were created equal, prepare to have your socks blown off! Not only will you be sockless, but you're about to experience some severe mind-warping madness with the ultra-trippy, super stunning Crawler, Sherlock. No, you're not seeing things. This handcrafted, one of a kind Sherlock by Chubz Glass is standing on its own just like a tabletop bong! Each one of Chubz Glass creations is genuinely unique to its owner. This incredible conversation starter is handcrafted with only the finest materials to ensure that this monster is soft and mellow on the inside.

The colors are hand mixed and pulled individually to ensure that Chubz Glass keeps their promise of individuality in every pipe they deliver. This mighty Sherlock is built to last.  You can easily see this is no cheap piece of overproduced junk! Chubz Glass produces some of the most exquisite handcrafted glass artwork you will hold in your hand. There's little doubt that you know the difference between good, quality glass and cheap headshop crud-o-la. As soon as your sesh buddy grabs hold of this monster, they'll know you are the real deal, too.

The time and love that is taken to create this behemoth are visible in its luster and shine. This crazy cool Sherlock is a must for any space-age pipe collector. If you are a collector, this is the piece your collection of badass glassware has been missing. If you are a newbie and want to get a keen collection going, this is one stellar choice to make that move. Perfect for dry herb enthusiasts from all walks of life this stand-alone Crawler Sherlock carries with it a bowl so deep, it should come with a safety net. Always use freshly ground dry herb to get the best flavor experience from your Chubz Glass pipe. DopeBoo carries an extensive line of fantastic grinders that will surely match your new Chubz Glass Sherlock.

The brilliant minds at Chubz Glass thought of everything on this massive Sherlock. Overzealous inhalers will be glad to take note that this alien's neck also acts as a natural splash guard. Everyone knows that nothing ruins a sesh quicker than smelly bong water or nasty ash in your mouth! Eww! Let this Crawler Sherlock solve that problem for you. When you're ready to set your new friend down, his feet rest nicely on most any flat surface without the worry of spillage. Should an accident happen, don't worry. This Sherlock was built to last. Always be sure to keep your pipes clean and pristine with routine cleaning. A nice clean pipe will always provide a supremely superior taste experience. Never use harsh chemicals or solvents to clean your glass pipes! Always use a mixture of sea salt and rubbing alcohol. Never compromise the integrity of your glass by using harsh cleaning agents.

Some of the best things come from the Southern United States, and one of them is Chubz Glass. Rumored to be a hidden mecca of creativity and artwork of every type imaginable, Savannah, Georgia is home to the Savannah College of Art and Design. Many great minds of the art and music world have come from this area of the US. It is easy to see by looking at this brilliant piece of glass that the rumors are true. That's the only way to explain something this wickedly fabulous.

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