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Dank Tools

The name says it all, Dank-Tools provides essential smoking hardware for those who enjoy taking a stroll through Dab City. The vast selection of dab rig mods is unbelievable and the craftsmanship of everything Dank-Tools creates is simply outstanding. Every dab rig needs a quality titanium nail. That’s why we’re showing off DopeBoo dabbing accessories from Dank-Tools. You’re going to want a titanium nail that disperses heat properly, won’t gum up, and looks cool. Dank-Tools makes a domeless titanium nail with a sun-shaped dish that looks incredible and works even better. Any quick glance will make it apparent that this is a one of a kind accessory. The lines and curves built into the dish make it look like the sun is jumping out of the nail. Now imagine this when the nail gets hot and glowing red! Yeah, your eyebrows just raised, didn’t they? Sometimes we get goosebumps just looking at this stuff.

Dank-Tools doesn’t just make bong accessories, they have some of the best quality herb grinders on the market today. Their four-piece herb grinder comes in four colors. Get a two or three so you can mix and match pieces with friends and have a multi-colored grinder that will turn heads. Another great line of tools from Dank-Tools are their out of this world dabbers. The titanium dabbers stay cool down quickly so you won’t burn your fingers and you can quickly dab up a second time without burning your wax in the jar. Like everything Dank-Tools produces their dabbers are a piece of art as well as a perfectly crafted tool. Take a look at the 2-piece titanium carb cap/dabber for instance. The size, length, and logo placement make them look like they belong on the top of the Eiffel Tower!

Like everything DopeBoo sells, Dank-Tools always puts the customer first. This is why all Dank-Tools titanium nails and dabbers work with most standard brands of vaporizers and glass bongs, such as Grav Labs. We want you to be happy and that means building a collection of the best vaporizers and smoking accessories that you can be proud of and that will last you a lifetime. Once you start getting into Dank-Tools you will see why they are so popular, though you may wonder about the low price point. Dank-Tools has made it a personal mission to keep the prices of their products low enough for the average person while standing up to the most expensive products when it comes to quality.

Dank Tools is consistently coming out with new and exciting smoking accessories so come back to DopeBoo in a few months and see what else we have to offer from Dank-Tools, who continues to grow with the increasing demand for their excellent products. DopeBoo has all the best selling bongs and we make sure that you have the best bong accessories to go along with them!
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