Dual-Use Vaporizers

Dual-Use Vaporizers

When you want big hits that are packed with flavor, dual-use vapes let you use either concentrate or dry herb. DopeBoo is committed to providing enthusiasts with the best vaporizers available online, and forcing customers to choose between dry herb or concentrate vapes isn’t our style. That’s why DopeBoo has a wide assortment of dual-use vapes perfect for use with dry herb and concentrate!

Discerning enthusiasts know where to buy vapes online - at DopeBoo, where you can find vaporizers in all sizes. Vape pens are perfect to take with you when you want to get out and about but still be discreet while enjoying your favorite herbs and concentrates. Desktop vaporizers are ideal for get-togethers when you are hosting at home. The one thing all vaporizers have in common is delivering big, tasty rips without wasting your supply. Size and style of the vaporizer are unique to each individual, and you’re sure to find the right one for you from DopeBoo’s large online collection.

If you are looking for the market leader you might consider the Volcano Digital Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. The Volcano was one of the very first vaporizers. Today's desktop Volcano, perhaps the most well-known vaporizer, features a digital LED display that allows for precise temperature control. The Volcano fills a “balloon” with ground herb or concentrate vapor. Once filled, simply detach the Volcano’s balloon and pass it around -- it’s that easy. The Volcano comes with a filling chamber, a balloon set, an herbal grinder, a cleaning brush, a liquid pad, and an instruction manual. This is a piece that’s meant to last for the true enthusiast.

Picking the right vaporizer or vape pen isn’t always an easy decision. Take comfort in know that, at DopeBoo, we are committed to providing the widest selection of high-quality dual-use vaporizers available online.
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