You probably never realized what has been wrong with rolling papers for all these years. You just use them and go about your day. If you’re content with your sub-par rollies than you should stop reading, because, once you read this you’ll never go back to your old rolling papers again! A brilliant, yet simple, invention made Elements the best rolling papers on Earth and people have been rolling better joints ever since.

Rolling papers were invented in 1900 and have almost always been interleaved. This means they are folded in such a way that a new paper will stick out of the carton each time you pull out a paper for use. The traditional way of interleaving requires each paper to be folded exactly in half. When we then put our herb right in the center of the paper we are forced to re-crease the paper to get a proper roll, with even amounts of paper all the way around. This makes the process more difficult and messy.

Elements recognized this problem and took on the task of inventing a whole new way to interleave rolling papers without a center crease. Elements now makes papers where each paper is creased in the perfect spot for rolling! This invention is called “The Perfect Fold”. I’m sure you’re wondering, how do you know where to make the perfect fold for rolling? Well, after surveying and experimenting with excellent rollers, Elements came to a consensus and voila, the perfect crease! Elements offers many sizes and styles to chose from, they even offer a king size paper with tips included!

Now with the perfect crease, ultra-thin natural material, and Elements’ signature CrissCross run-preventing watermark, you will be smoking the greatest rolling papers ever to be invented. The greatness is all in the name. The four elements, Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth are what Elements brand bases their products on. Elements papers are made from Earthly materials, rice, and sugar. We already mentioned the CrissCross watermark which gives a smooth, even, burn each time. All Elements facilities are 100% windmill powered for a sustainable future. Finally, without fire what would be the point of rolling a joint in the first place?

Get your next set of Elements products from your favorite online head shop. DopeBoo rolling papers are the ideal smoking accessory that every smoker should have in stock. So if you or a friend are ever wondering where to buy rolling papers online, remember that all the best products such as Elements and RAW are right here online at Dopeboo! Get papers and other great smoking accessories and for best selling bongs and best vaporizers at your friendly online head shop, DopeBoo.

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