GRAV 19mm Glycerin Chiller Attachment

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Looking for a little exhilaration? Well you found it in this portable piece. Simply pop the five-inch glycerin adapter right into the freezer to add an icy effect to all your inhales. Your smoke coils right through the top-loading bowl and into the cooling chamber for an elevated experience before it even hits your pipe! We guarantee it’ll give you more pleasure than Bush’s nineties hit, “Glycerin,” ever did. Crafted with Grav Lab’s scientific precision, this atty fits flawlessly with any 19mm piece you may have at home. It’s an adapter you’ll keep with you always to pair with pipes both old and new. Especially when you recognize the instant impact it makes on the size and ease of your draws! You can expect the adapter to outlast your base, though, as it’s easily soaked for fresh, clean experiences time and time again. This mouthpiece adds a touch of luxury to every smoke sesh.