Glycerin Bongs & Pipes

Glycerin Bongs & Pipes

Welcome to Our Glycerin Bongs & Pipe Collection - Cool, Smooth Hits Every Time!

If you haven't tried ripping with a glycerin coil yet, then all we can say is welcome to the dark side, my friend.

Glycerin bongs & pipes have become more popular each year as the search for smooth, chilled hits becomes more intense.

A glycerin coil is essentially there to cool down the smoke before you inhale, but unlike other bongs, this uses a more hands-on approach. You place the glycerin coil in the freezer for a few hours and then attach it to your bong to make sure the smoke is nice and smooth--it's much easier than filling up your bong with ice cubes or placing the whole thing in the freezer (which we don't recommend as it could potentially crack under pressure).

Our collection is cultivated from testing and trying out (yes, it's been hard work.....) to find the best pieces at affordable prices that take your sesh to the next level!


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