Boo Glass

Boo Glass Nano Inline Perc Oil Rig

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Welcome, my friend, to the world of nano rigs! Probably the coolest invention since a vape (at least in the dabbing world), these mini rigs have been making a splash around the country. You might have wondered what all those people have been doing in the park lately... This tiny dab rig is perfect for people just getting started on dabbing or experienced dabbers who are looking for a more portable option. While you can actually attach a bowl to this rig, it’s best for concentrates and here’s why: dabs don’t need as much diffusion, therefore reducing the need for water, space and percolators. This little thing is perfect for dabs with its tiny chamber, horizontal perc and domed nail. You’ll love the bent mouthpiece, since you don’t have to twist your neck like a giraffe to inhale from this rig. Made from top-shelf Boo Glass, this is one of our most affordable dab rigs, and it’s a great stepping stone for those looking to get into the dabbing scene.