Inline Perc Bongs

Inline Perc Bongs

If you've been looking for an Inline Percolator Bong, then we've got some awesome products for you to check out.

Experienced smokes are always in search of bigger and better hits.  This collection of bongs and dab rig with inline percs set into a water pipe in a second chamber are ones to check out because, quite simply - they deliver!  These classic percs offer better and greater diffusion without sacrificing any airflow.  It's an extra element of filtration to bring you the finest inhales available!

What is an Inline Bong?

First off, what is an inline perc bong and how do inline bongs work? The best way to describe an inline percolater is a horizontal piece that has many saw cuts or diffusion slits along the bottom. Inlines are a classic style that does a fantastic job of providing a smooth hit every time. Each one of this style of bong usually has an inline perc chamber built into the piece. This kind of perc bong may look a bit different than the classic beaker or straight shooter, but they are as effective and loved by those that try them!

This kind of water pipe is easy to keep clean and of course they provide a ton of diffusion as the smoke passes through generating filtration bubbles. The other option you will see in this selection is called an Upline, which has cuts that are on the top of the horizontal tube creating a bubble stacking effect. More filters help you get smoother, better hits. Need we say more?

Inline Perc Bong Options

Our inline bong and dab rigs range from the mini size to our biggest hitter that lifts off at 16 inches. We have several different types.  We've got small inline perc options or larger inline perc chamber selections. Each one has bong features that make them unique and will work well whatever your requirements!

So check them out today!  Those who try them absolutely love them!


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