Marley Naturals

Marley Naturals

According to Bob Marley, “the greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” While this legend has unfortunately left us, one legal herb brand and glass pipe manufacturer has made it their mission to honestly reflect the ideology of this notorious Jamaican singer-songwriter. And just like their name suggests, Marley Natural carries on the ethos of Bob Marley via their loving approach to quality herb, environmental stability, and social justice.

With a portion of their proceeds from every Marley Natural product helping to fund organic farming initiatives in Jamaica and the U.S, this brand is committed to leading the way for a brighter tomorrow. As stated on their website, Marley Natural wholeheartedly believes in the power of the human spirit to enact positive change. By empowering people around the world to take simple actions to make the world a better place to live, their product line is the result of fostering awareness, authenticity and genuine respect for nature. Whether you’re interested in captivating the best glass pipes or pleasing water bongs, you can be sure Marley Natural’s glassware is not only functionally trendy but also sustainably sourced.

Dopeboo’s online head shop is delighted to showcase Marley Natural’s three-piece Walnut Wood Spoon Pipe. Hand-crafted from refined black walnut wood, this hand pipe is literally down to earth with its rustic minimalistic style. At two inches high, it’s petite and stylish with a perfectly rounded stem, smooth wood mouthpiece and a heat-resistant glass bowl that’s specifically designed for smoking freshly ground herb. Since its three parts are detachable yet compact when put together, the Walnut Wood Spoon is a breeze to travel with and easy to clean in just a few simple steps. Just gently pull off the base of the pipe, remove the mouthpiece and clean the glass bowl with your cleaner while being mindful to remove debris from the wood stem with a nylon brush or pipe cleaner. This classic glassware pipe with walnut wood framing is in a league of its own.

The only water filtration pipe that’s even more impressive is Marley Natural’s Walnut Wood Bubbler. With two extra detachable pieces, this five-part glass bubbler is also sustainably sourced of black walnut wood that can connect seamlessly to custom made thick borosilicate glass. Although, it highlights a much deeper set glass base that can hold a large amount of water while featuring a globe-shaped percolator that provides high-caliber water filtration. To use, you simply unscrew the bottom glass chamber from the rest of the piece and fill it halfway with water or above the percolator holes and reassemble the wooden stem mouthpiece and the other end of the glass bubbler for a pleasant smoking experience.

Dopeboo’s Marley Natural Pipes and best-selling bongs are sophisticated and surprisingly portable. With a supercharged grinder, you could be enjoying lusciously flavor forward inhales in no time.

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