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Atmos Jump Vaporizer


Dark Blue
Carbon Gold
The Atmos Jump is a distinguished vaporizer for its remarkable value. This is the “go to” vaporizer of choice for its cooling pull that produces barely detectable vapor. For the more private vaper or for those who enjoy public use, the Atmos Jump is the vaporizer that is sure to impress. The powerful 1200mAh battery enables dependable vape sessions without the hassle of frequent charging. The even pull distinguishes this vaporizer from the rest. This vaporizer is perfect for the travelling vaper and ensures powerful, satisfying pull every time because it uses a unique convection heating method. The carbon fiber body and steel heating chamber optimize this vaporizer beyond competitors for its study, strong design. The equal vaporization of dry herbs provides smooth, satisfying vapor every time. The Atmos Jump Herbal Vaporizer Pen Kit comes with a mouthpiece, micro-USB charging, a cleaning brush and a packing tool. It’s quick, convenient and easy to use for both the beginner and the seasoned vaper.