Boo Glass

Boo Glass Tight Spiral Spoon Pipe w/ Fumed Glass

The “Tight Spiral” catches the eye with its hypnotic swirl. This impressive Boo Glass piece will have you and the crew mesmerized by its captivating design. Even more deluxe: the “Tight Spiral” Pipe is crafted with fumed glass blends rich metallic layers for a silhouette that dances in the light. Pretty trippy, right?! Opt for the spiral color scheme that suits your mood – we’ve got a dark blue, warm red, or vibrant green color combo. Each fumed glass pipe features a deep bowl for generous portions of your favorite dry herb. Resting comfortably in your palm, the finger naturally wraps onto a side carb that delivers total airflow control. The carb is discretely nestled in the marble on the left side, making it a popular lefthanded pipe for those who like to use their thumb. Pair it with the perfect grinder to take your dry herb experience to luxury levels.