Cinderwitch Jet Flame Torch Head

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If you haven't heard of Cinderwitch yet, you're doing it wrong. These guys are the real deal when it comes to torch necessities. Located in the sunny city of Savannah, Georgia, Cinderwitch is the innovators of the Jet Flame Torch Head a nifty invention you'll need in your life. The idea is simple: Just add butane! Forget about waiting to fill your torch, this butane can topper allows you to directly place the torch head onto a can of butane. Just push the can nozzle into the bottom and twist counter-clockwise to lock. (Don't worry, a bit of a "hissing" is normal at first. This will stop once the torch head is secure.) Cinderwitch has thought of everything with this adjustable flame, single touch ignition torch with a safety regulator. It fits on most standard sized butane cans. You'll have to supply your own butane, though. Sorry, you can't expect us to do everything for you, right?