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5.5" Standard Bong Ash Catcher - 45 Degree Angle - 19mm Joint

Grav Labs

Height: 5.5 inches

Looking for a quick way to boost your pipe to pro level? This eye-catching ash catcher from Austin’s world-renowned Grav Labs is THE place to start. Simply slide the attachment onto any 45°/19mm piece of glass to instantly discover what enthusiasts have been insisting for years: ash catcher or bust! Once you’ve enjoyed your favorite ground material without the wear on your precious piece, you’ll never look back--except maybe to rue over the number of beloved pieces you could still be kickin’ it with had you only known sooner. This particular ash catcher, crafted from sturdy borosilicate glass, even introduces a second smoke-softening station through a diffused Swiss downstem for top-notch inhales. The downstem is removable just like the ash catcher itself for a much easier to rinse and handle piece of glass--designed to take on the majority of buildup--than a bulky or intricate water pipe. The Grav Labs Standard Ash Catchers are also available in 90° and 14mm options.