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7" Stax Flare Bong Base

Grav Labs

Height: 7 inches

So you decided to see what all the fuss was about and you can’t turn back from STAX? Yeah, us too. Is there anything as satisfying as building your own perfect pipe? Don’t think so. Not when the engineers at Grav Labs are in the mix. Crafted from thick borosilicate glass, this professional level base will deliver inhales as cool and smooth as you’ve always dreamed. This is thanks to the piece’s subtle width that allows your smoke to travel through an extensive coil for maximum water filtration--all before it even reaches the impressive 14-cut showerhead diffuser. Because the designers are prepared for you to be popping on and off all kinds of perc inserts and mouthpieces for that STAX style of customization, they’ve also stabilized the 90-degree joint with a two-pronged Dewar’s construction. And where other bases are hard to reach, it’s easy to maneuver this 7-inch base in the sink for a thorough refresher.