7th Floor

7th Floor

Vaping beginners and long-time enthusiasts both deserve the best of the best. When looking online at Dopeboo's head shop for the latest technology, the newest designs and the most popular experience, we look at the heart of the industry. 7th Floor is stationed at just that, Colorado Springs. Every single piece is decked out with state-of-the-art features that will give you the best experience. Shop for vaporizers now in the DopeBoo Vape Shop to find favorites like the 7th Floor SideKick vaporizer and 7th Floor surfer. No matter what you choose, you won’t be shorted on quality or convenience.

Go For Vaping

Smoking should be a stress-relieving experience, which is why vaporizers are often favored by those looking for the healthiest alternative.Vaporizers take out the harmful stuff, delivering you only the active ingredients without compromising flavor or effect. Vapes are a go-to for those looking to enjoy discreetly. Their slim, sleek design is perfect for handheld use, ideal for giving off little to no smell, and ridiculously easy to store in-between uses.

Go Digital

7th Floor gives you intake options, allowing you to adjust just how much smoke you’re taking in. Whether changing it up for your mood, adjusting your preferences or just looking for a different level of uplift, these devices are the ultimate digital vape option. A digital display will let you know the exact degree that you’ve chosen and allows you to make seamless adjustments with just the press of a finger. Temperature isn’t the only thing you can change with the press of a finger. You can also stir your legal herbs with a click of a button for a slow, even burn.

Your Perfect SideKick

The 7th Floor SideKick Vaporizer is the ultimate choice for an ultra portable vaporizer. The SideKick’s capabilities are endless since it can handle dry herbs and concentrates. A classy glass mouthpiece works with a vortex cooling chamber to give you a smooth pull, every time. Keep your device running at its best with included cleaning tools, a protective travel case, coconut oil lubricant for your mouthpiece and a battery charger to keep the experience going and going.

Innovative Features

As if press-button features weren’t enough, there are a ton of other benefits you can find in the 7th Floor collection. Take the 7th Floor Silver Surfer for example - high-grade aircraft aluminum makes up the housing, while a ceramic heating element delivers smooth, consistent and flavorful clouds. Custom-blown heating dials add an artistic touch and you can even have a custom wrap made by those at 7th Labs to wow all of your friends with a device that screams with personality. What are you waiting for? Find your ideal dry herb vaporizer now.

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