Ares has developed one of the most unique and classy concentrate vaporizers. The Ares Linx looks like a fancy pen and comes with magnetic end caps for clean stowaway and an even cleaner look. The stainless steel body design is very attractive and ensures a long life. They pull right off when you’re ready to use them. If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer, look no further than the Ares Linx.

How it works: Remove the magnetic end caps to expose the glass and ceramic ends of the atomizer for the vaporizer and the mouthpiece. Hold the glass mouthpiece gently between your lips. Place the ceramic Ares vaporizer atomizer into your wax and inhale. That’s it! No need to take out a metal rod and pull strings wax all over the place. No need to involve other devices to smoke and, later, to clean. With the Ares there is no more residue and no more waste! The ceramic rod atomizer heats up quickly and delivers incredibly powerful vapor. Inhale the desired amount and simply release the button. Ares completely eliminates the loading process.  Simply dip the vape pen right into any of your extracts and get a clean hit every time! You can easily get accessories and replacement parts right here on DopeBoo’s website.

Ares continues its commitment to quality by sourcing the best available materials and committing to the highest in engineering standards. The Ares atomizer for the Linx vaporizer is a coil-less atomizer that heats up instantly. No sub-par hits and no waiting around for the device to get fired up. Unlike dry herb vaporizers, the Ares Linx uses a ceramic heating rod called an atomizer that is made of stainless steel and ceramic. Ceramic is the best vaporizing material around. This is due to the fact that ceramic is durable, and disperses heat quickly – making stow away a breeze. The temperature setting allows you to set a high or low temperature for optimal vaporizing. Depending on the hit that you want to receive and the type of concentrate that you’re smoking, you may want to adjust your temperature higher or lower for the optimal hit. If you’re on the fence about this product, then get off of it because Ares makes one of the bestvaporizers on the market today.

With a modular design, Ares can be disassembled into multiple components, making cleaning quick and easy. This disassembly makes the Ares discreet and easy to travel with as well. The tasteful design looks completely inconspicuous to the average eye. However, your friends are sure to be impressed with your new buddy! The Ares is entirely made of top-notch materials. High quality ceramic for the heating element, stainless steel for the housing, and commercial glass for the mouthpiece. DopeBoo is your best online retailer for this product.

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