Cloud Vapes

Cloud Vapes

Ultra-portable vaporizers like the Cloud V Platinum Mini Vaporizer are built to heat up concentrated legal wax material efficiently with a fully ceramic Tornado Atomizer to elegantly propel full-flavored vapor up through the silicone mouthpiece. At just 3.5 inches long, this portable Cloud Vape is sleek and narrow and can slip easily in your pocket or purse or your chic leather carrying case that’s included. With four eye-catching platinum colors to choose from, you can vape in style and peace of mind since this device comes with a lifetime battery warranty. 

For beginners, we recommend starting with a similar single, multi-functional cloud vaporizer that’s often referred to as 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 vaporizers. These kind of vapes are incredibly travel-ready and require low maintenance. Another one of our best vaporizers, our Mini Cloud V Electro Vaporizer is a mini version of our Cloud Classic Vaporizer. With a built-in classic tornado optimizer, an easy-to-use mouthpiece and a retractable USB charger, this portable vaporizer can also prop up comfortably as a stationary desktop vape for dynamic use.

When it comes down to choosing the cloud vaporizer that’s right for you, it’s important to identify with your preferred style of vaping - whether it be with concentrated herb, liquid, wax or glass (solid form of wax) - and how portable you want your cloud vape to be. Browse DopeBoo's selection of premium Cloud Vapes below.

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