When deciding between smoking and vaping - vaping will almost always come out on top. Vapes are a healthy way to enjoy the effects and flavors of your favorite legal materials and are both portable and discreet. Whether trying out a vape for the first time or consider yourself a vaping connoisseur, DaVinci won’t disappoint. The DopeBoo Vape Shop offers the best of Davinci so no matter what the choice you’ll vape without regrets. Sleek, innovative and unique, the DaVinci brand can easily be described as state of the art.

Why Vape?

One of the best parts of vaping is that you can take it on-the-go. With a vaporizer likethe DaVinci Ascent, you can smoke dry herbs or concentrates and enjoy more of your favorite flavors for longer. The portable design and discreet use are only a couple of other benefits when it comes to usingvaporizers. The experience is smooth and effective while going easy on your lungs and keeping your skin looking its best. What’s more? There is an endless array ofsmoking accessories you can use to customize your experience.

Personalized Use

DaVinci caters to what you look for in a vaporizer, granting you with complete control. Adjust the temperature based on what product you’re using at the time, control the amount of intake you want and do it all with precision. For such a discreet design, theultraportable vape features a display that’s easy to read, showing you exactly what temperature you’re heating your materials to, and allowing for quick adjustments. A bright display isn’t the only helpful feature; a built-in storage compartment will hold enough of your goods for three uses and is sealed with a fail-proof latch to prevent any spillage.

Designed to Last

Once you get your hands on a DaVinci vaporizer, you won’t want to put it down. You won’t have to for a long time with its durable design and advanced technology that’s always ahead of the market. Vape regularly, on high temp, for hours, knowing that the DaVinci is ready to withstand use after use, while always performing at its best. The Ascent for example - an all-glass pathway and ceramic bowl coated in glass give you a device that’s nothing but reliable.

And It’s Easy

Compact and lightweight, DaVinci vapes are ready to go. The pocket-sized design is easy to store and won’t stand out when you don’t want it to. Massive battery life will set you up for hours, so you’re not always stuck with a dead battery. Almost all of your vaping essentials come right with DaVinci products, so you’re immediately set up for a great experience. All you have to do? Shop for vaporizers now and pick your favorite design.
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