Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber

If you think all vaporizer pens and accessories are the same - think again! It seems as if there are as many varieties of vape pens available as there are colors in the rainbow. Although, with every emerging vaporizer, follows its own innovative technology and style that you can match to your preference and lifestyle. Dopeboo’s assortment of industry-leading vaporizers, including our: heat-effective concentrate vaporizers, dreamy dry-herb desktop vaporizers, elegant vape pens, powerful home vaporizers, and discreet portable vapes are all distinctive in their appearance, technology and functionality while creating unique vaping experiences.

Dr. Dabber’s Vaporizer Pens and Vape Accessories is one such brand that provides exclusive high-tech vaporizers for those looking to smoke wax and other solid concentrates while preserving a richness of flavor. Their Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Pen, for example, connects flawlessly between three different heat settings with the click of a switch thanks to its magnetically powered “low heat technology.” This innovative vape pen is polished in a satin black matte finish and uses three of the most popular atomizers available on the market: the dual quartz rod atomizer, the dual ceramic rod atomizer and the ceramic disc or halo atomizer to power an incredibly smooth draw with every inhale. With two mouthpieces to choose from depending on your desired airflow and a convenient magnetic USB charger, the Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen is the best vaporizer pen for concentrate enthusiasts.

Since wax and other concentrates can take on a viscous texture that may be hard to deal with manually without getting burnt, Dr. Dabber’s Budder Cutter is one of their leading accessories for smoking concentrates. At first glance, it may look like a dentist’s surgical tool with its seven odd interchangeable heating tips but it actually doubles as a vaporizer and a very effective heated loading tool for responsible dab users. Engineered to accurately fine-tune the heat of your legal waxes and glass-like concentrates without burning or vaporizing, Dr. Dabber’s Budder Cutter facilitates a perfect cutting and loading temperature for a clearer inhale that minimizes wastage. Backed by a one-year warranty guarantee, the Budder Cutter is fantastic for transferring and facilitating the smoking of concentrates. All you have to do is choose which heating tip might work best for your concentrate and then transfer it to your wax vape pen or use it as a loading device on your favorite bong or glass pipe. With an exceptionally long-lasting lithium-ion battery that’s won awards for its durability and stealth, Dopeboo’s featured Budder Cutter is reliable and affordable at just under $50.

According to Dr. Dabber’s tagline, the company was “created out of necessity, but fueled by desire” and their products stand by their words while proving that sometimes good things do come in small packages. Dr. Dabber’s high-tech vaporizers and accessories are built with their loyal community in mind to meet the demands of their customers directly with style and technological grace.
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