Flowermate built its brand with a wide variety of great products and superior vaporizers at price points to match any budget. Flowermate's vaporizers are built to last, easy-to-use, and have a solid look and feel. Whether you are a dry herb kinda person or a concentrate enthusiast, FlowerMate has the vape product for you. Unlike many of the new vapes out today, using a Flowermate vaporizer is straightforward and, after a Flowermate vaping experience, you won't go back to your old smoking methods or devices.

The Swift Pro, for example, is a full convection vape with a heated chamber designed to get the most out of any dry herb, especially flavor, by heating air and passing it right through an isolated heating pathway that completely eliminates any burnt flavor found with other dry herb vaporization methods. The Swift Pro is as versatile as portable vapes get! You can customize the inner heating chamber with either glass or stainless steel depending on what kind of convection experience you prefer. Impressed? Wait, there’s more! Temperature is completely moderated by you with the Swift Pro. You can guide the isolated heating chamber temp from 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) all the way up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit (230 degrees Celsius). You can charge the Swift Pro just about anywhere with the USB charger, and all these features add up to one of the sleekest and smoothest portable vapes in the world.

Flowermate isn't a "one-trick-pony" and offers other great products in addition to best-selling vapes that help you get the most from your concentrates or dry herbs. The Flowermate LOAD’X is one of the best grinders for dry herb as it is perfectly designed to grind your favorite dry herb into portable stainless steel pods with no spilling or wasting of herb. This is perfect for smoking on the go. Just grind your dry herb right into the pod and use this to fill your FlowerMate vaporizer with no mess, guaranteed. The LOAD’X comes with a grinder, grinder cap, packing tool, one loader cup, a pod loader, one silicone plug, two stainless steel pods - medium or large, your choice.

DopeBoo is the best online headshop for high-quality vaporizers and Flowermate's line-up definitely makes the cut!
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